China : Free Shipping minimum order 10,000THB
China : Free Shipping minimum order 10,000THB

100% Premium Quality Natural Latex Therapeutic Pillow

High quality Latex Foam Pillow promotes proper head & neck alignment in order to improve & protect your cervical vertebrae from becoming deformed and to reduce neck & shoulder pains. The small holes and interconnecting channels create a natural ventilation system, letting body heat and moisture disperse. The pillow is made from 100% natural latex in Thailand – no synthetic rubber, filler, nor extender were contained in this foam pillow. Natural latex pillow does not need to be washed, and is very durable – the pillow and inner cover are antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites, and allergen proof. Comes with a removable / washable outer cover.

100% Premium Quality Natural Latex

  • Anti-microbial/dust mites & allergen proof
  • Toxic Free /Environmentally Friendly
  • Ultimate Cervical Vertebra Support
  • Removable/Machine Washable Cover

泰国制造100% 高品质天然乳胶


    • 100% 高品质天然乳胶
    • 专家推荐使用
    • 无毒剂
    • 很好的改善与支撑颈椎与脊椎。
    • 可拆卸和机洗枕套